Color, dimension, tone, mood, balance, are all words that come to mind where creativity is involved. For Denise Haddock, creativity has always been a part of her life. The chance to meet new people through her work will always be most fulfilling. Community service is very important to her; she recently volunteered to assist in the complete refurbishing of the Bakersfield Community House, Bakersfield’s first senior citizen’s center. Annually, she participates in the Bakersfield Showcase House of Design. This design house is an annual fundraiser benefiting Club Zion Youth Ministries, a local organization providing mentoring, education and scholarships for high school and college students. She regularly volunteers her retail space, Denise Haddock Unique Interior Designs, for various purposes, such as the Vera Bradley Breast Cancer Awareness fundraisers, local hospital board meetings, or photo shoots for local bridal salons to name a few.

 Trained as an art historian with an emphasis on Classical and Contemporary Art and Architecture, Denise views every interior design project as a composition, a work of art. Her understanding of design is oriented in her mastering of the artists’ conceptualization of whatever they create. One example of this might be the use of a particular piece of furniture that needs to be the right size, in the right place, positioned correctly, with the perfect selection of fabric, and the correct style.

Denise focuses on the areas of residential, commercial and wedding or event design. When working on a residential project it is very important to her that she hears what is critical to her client in the interior design of their home; the consideration of the function of the space, whether or not there will be entertaining in the space, the ages of the family members and their personal needs are just a few of the issues that will become goals that must be accomplished in each client’s custom home design. Her involvement in event and wedding staging and design is of particular interest to her. Her expertise with a variety of event venues makes her a valuable asset to any event planning team. She has many creative ideas that will always impress attendees at any business or wedding event. Visit her retail interior design store and center.


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